A Night in Hazmat Gear

DescriptionThought it was about time to do some hazmat night training and try to spend a whole night in a Trellchem chemical suit. Completely airtight and with a 3S mask on. For the fun of it I added a fire fighter helmet.The video is again recorded with an infrared camera, only motion is recorded. Nothing else has been cut out.It was actually a quite short night with about 5 hours ^^
Uploaded 2016-12-15 by montur82
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A wonderful night, a wonderful cum, a wonderful suit, a wonderful ***** in the suit .... I want to be with you in this suit for a night ... we will play, play, play ..... cum, cum, cum .....
A real trooper. I wouldn't have been able to last that long.
Impressive! You have such excellent stamina to have endured five hours. I don't think I would have made it past half an hour! But I would have also enjoyed that post-cum nap!
HOT HOT gear and video and fast motion effect. Thank you for posting. Danke
GEIL! Will gar nicht daran denken was man als Gast bei Dir als Schlafanzug angeboten bekommt :-)

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