Boi release from chastity - another nice predicament Remove

DescriptionBoi release from chastity after months of chastity and almost a year without a full orgasm. - gets a chance to cum - made to wear the spike bridle and given 2 mins to come by humping a rough plastic hoop. Nice predicament.
Uploaded 2016-12-15 by wenkhaus10
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one can see the Master has Full Control over his slaves chastity regime, I need that type of control
He gave up a great load of milk!!
I wish I were your slave. That's how I want to be treated. Where can I find a master like you?
I keep coming back to this. It drives me bonkers.This is the hottest video i have seen. I'd agree to be a chastity slave for the guy able to do this to me. Biker, boxer and willing to be trained to fight while kept in chastity and kept servicing
damn that was a huge fucking turn on. I came in two minutes. Anybody looking for a mature slave to torment?

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