Exhibitionist spends night in hotel naked

DescriptionLate at night in a hotel the exhibitionist in me told me to strip, to leave my room naked, to stroll along the hallways with a boner, to wank my cock in the elevator, to edge in the stair case, I was so ready to cum! But because a maintenance lady that suddenly appeared at the far end of the hallway (not shown) almost caught me I went back to my room. Thanks to Acidnl for posing this challenge. If you like the video, please vote and leave a comment.
Uploaded 2016-12-16 by redplusplus
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Oh my god, this was really thrilling to watch. And technically so extremely well done. Amazing.
Exhibitionists are hot!
Wooof! perfect video very hot
i have done the same thing five different times...tee hee...Loved it...my heart was pounding by the time i got back to room! Acted like i didn't wake up to maid knocking to clean room in morning...she just giggled and went about her work...i thought i heard her cell phone camera though!!
very hot seeing you walk naked through the hotel with a boner

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