Gansta Suks Out Preview

DescriptionReunion wit an ole favorite...he had jus gotten out...he'd been locked up for more than a year I gather. If you remember my joints back from '08, he was the dude in the vid named Gangsta that vid I had told y'all to pay attention at the end of the suk and watch dude pick his ***** up from under the dumpster when I finished sukin his dik, and at The end of that vid i shower you all the nutt that he shot (no pun intended) on my sh*t was crazy--hopefully, I have a lil better judgment now than to be sukin' off a gangbanger while he has a ***** on him (time will tell...smh), so guess what?! Here's dude again, fresh outta lockup and looking sexy as ever...he always used to tell me that if he's ever out looking to bust a nutt, he will always give me the nutt first before he goes to a hoe (chick) or another dude who's cruising...he told me that he loves how I treat his dik and that he loves watching me do it to him...and the truth is I really enjoy doing it to him too, and he looks even sexier to was so hot how he recognized me and without skipping a *****, he was like: "The usual spot?" and you know I smiled and held his manly, thick, coarse index finger for a split second and pulled him in the direction we were walking. Watch as I welcum this hottie home--enjoy!
Uploaded 2016-12-16 by aralyia
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hot videos u getting gorges dick and u do good care of them
anoher grand performance by a talented mouth.....
Great head game on that beautiful chocolate pole!!! Thx pa

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