Smart Skin Smoke

DescriptionTonic Sta-Press trousers, 20 hole ox blud rangers, white laces, Ben Sherman shirt, white braces and a black harrington. Enjoying a couple smokes while you drool over my boots. Telling you fags what I expect
Categories Fetish (371404)
Uploaded 2016-12-15 by Rampantrubber
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I want to be under yours boots, master! hot, HOT!
mann sind das goiile oxbloodranger hab ***** gleichen
Great vid as always SIR, just missed your hot leather gloves, they make me drool like hell, SIR.
let's b real, mate - u r so fuckin hot, that even the str8est of blokes would beg to bottom out 4 u
I accept all, what do you expect.

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