Une envie pressente 4

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OK... Going way out on my kink nerve... I get off on watching women pee. I've only had two women in my life pee for me. My wife Barb on very rare occasions would come back from the clubs in Fort Collins, CO. on Saturday nights with no one, she didn't pick any one up, she didn't go some place and fuck. She had drank several beers during the evening and knowing I would be disappointed, she would offer to pee for me so I could watch.She would say, "Do you want to watch me go to the bathroom?" Of course I said yes.Barb would slip off her panties, raise her skirt and stand straddling the the toilet bowl. I would get on me knees in front of her with my face real close to her pussy, she would let the stream of pee go and I could watch it as she voided her bladder. some times it was such a strong stream, some would splash on my face. It was a turn on to see some of her pee run down the inside of her thigh when she was almost done.The only other woman to do this for me was Wendy S. from Brighton, CO. A pretty natural blonde divorced mom.She and I were co-workers and started an affair after an office party, she got pretty drunk and asked me to follow her home. We fucked on the floor of her living room several times that night. She was bi and loved having her pussy eaten out. She was also amazing at sucking cocks. She'd suck to completion and swallow. She had more kinks than I do. She got up to pee after we'd fucked and sucked a few times, I asked if I could watch, she obliged and I followed her into the bathroom. Wendy climbed naked into the bathtub, told me to get in as well. I knelt in front of her, she held her pussy open with two fingers and peed for me. Her pee would splash on me when it hit the tub getting my legs wet. Sometimes, her stream of pee was so strong, some of it would hit me in the face. I loved watching it drip off her pussy hairs. We did this many times over the year and half we were fucking each other at her home. I moved to Fort Collins, CO. and never saw her again. My longtime friend, Sherry S. from Loveland, CO. was very uninhibited about some things, but she grew up in the late 30's and early'40's. and was deeply ingrained with the bathroom being very personal and natural bodily functions were taboo. Sherry was very free and natural about nudity and sex, but she would get up off the bed after fucking several times, having her pussy eaten and sucking my penis, all in a well lit bedroom, close and lock the bathroom door to pee. I asked her if I could watch her pee once... She got so angry that I would even think to ask her, I never asked again.
Oh yes! Very pleasing viewing.......thank you.
And see how much hotter mea and wet pussy hairs
That is so sexy and out of her hairy beauty.
when I was young, like 10 years ago I used to cum to this a billion times
Love to see a women pee for me - so real - jx
Hmmm a revisit and still so fucking HOT....If I was filming I'd have been laid between her feet and filmed from underneath as she let that cascade flow over me
Two years since my last visit, and she still gets me totally hard. She must have waited a good long while to work up such a lovely long pee stream! (Love her sexy legs and great body, furry pussy and long inner lips!)
Fucking Hell when she wants to go she wants to go
qu´elle est bêêêêêêêlle quand elle pisse !
i WOULD DRINK EVERY PISS SHE EVER TOOK FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!And let's not forget Tonguefuck that sweet ass!
Awesome. Beautiful hairy cunt.
she has an awesome bush. wish i was licking her hairy pussy while she pisses
saugeil...................................natursekt vom feinsten
Fucking gorgeous pisser.
That's a wonderful muff... I'd be happy to open my hairy used cunt and have her fill my gape with her hot piss... I want to smell her big hot gash
donnez moi votre champagne madame!!!!
c'est beau de te voir pisser...
want to make laura do thay and lick her cunt
Lovely to revisit. She is SO HOT!
wonderfull hairy fanny pissing,love to lick it clean for her
outstanding peeing
very good display of free and uninhibited pissing,
excellent post.~ wish my cockhead was just at her pussy lips pissing on her.
Two of my favorite things - hairy cunt and piss

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